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The Sullivan Brothers Carnival

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Sullivan Brothers Carnival
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A community for everything regarding the Sullivan Brothers Carnival

step right up…
Welcome to the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. Your one stop shop for all things related to the brand new carnival characters in season four of Heroes.

Feel free to post your graphics, fanfiction, mixes and videos or simply start a discussion as long as it’s related to the Sullivan Bros. Carnival or its inhabitants. All I ask is that you keep it friendly and to tag your entries (there are a number of tags already set up so please use them).

Also this community is real person slash friendly. If you don’t like it then don’t read it.
All fanfics should be placed behind a cut with a header showing. Headers should include at minimum a title, rating, pairings/characters, summary and any warnings (use the template below).

This community is open to any shipping preferences, Slash, Het or RPF/RPS (Real Person Fic/Slash). Please tag your story with at least three tags: rating, pairing or character, fanfiction. Also use the fic warning tags when applicable.
icons, graphics and stuff
All icons and large graphics are to be placed under a cut. However, it is ok to post up to three teaser icons before the cut.

Fanvids can be posted without a cut when the smallest embedding size is used.

Discussions, meta and picspams are welcome, too. If you refer to articles or interviews, please put a source at the end of your post.

All fanmix and media posts must be locked. Cover art previews have to be smaller than 400px. Use < img src="url" width="number" > to reduce the size.
regarding spoilers
Please take into consideration that not everyone gets to see the new episode on the night it airs. Spoilers are to go behind a cut with a warning.

play nice
If you have any questions, concerns or community suggestions, drop either of the two mods a message (or drop a comment here on the welcome post ) and one of us will get back to you asap. If you want to affiliate with this community, please comment on this post.